Services We Offer:


Sahara pharmacy Pharmacy’s quality pharmaceutical service is guaranteed to help you with your medical needs. We serve our customers with effective medicine and durable medical equipment. Aside from that, we provide the following products and services to make sure we encompass all of our customer’s needs:

Personal Consultation

With our professional, highly experienced pharmacist, there is nothing to worry about which product is best to use for your medical condition.

Transfer Prescription

Transfer your prescriptions for easy pickup at your chosen pharmacy!

Automatic Refill

Never run out of prescription drugs. We make sure that we have your medicine right before you consume the last of it.

Delivery Services

We would be obliged to deliver your medical needs to your doorstep.


Customize your medicine! If you have allergic reaction to a certain pill or just want to add flavoring to your little patient’s medicine; we can compound the unique medicine for you.

Quality products and services await you! Contact us at (775) 727-3905.