Why blogging is important for business?

Are you Business Owner, Marketing Manager or Freelance Marketer? You must know why blogging is important for business. In this blog I will be sharing why are blogs important for business!

  • it would not be wrong calling blog page as dating point of customer and the organization, where customer could communicate in love language and know everything about the company.
  • From writing about section to introducing recent updates in the market, it is mandatory to inform the end customer about products/services in a blog or news section.
  • Blog Page is a place where companies respond to queries of the clients, the procedure of solving clients’ issues and share product or service details in details.

Well, if I tell you that famous brands like IBM, Wallmart, General Electronics, Intel, Codek etc have blog section then why are you missing it?

Why loose a customer by putting CALL US option rather than putting BLOG option so that s/he could get required answers in the blog section?

This is not just the reason Why blogging is important for business but there are many others. Few of them are as mentioned below;

  • Online Traffic
  • Collect Potential clients data
  • Sales Leads
  • Save Marketing Expenses
  • Educate potential customer to make loyal one
  • Viral (Share, Share and Share)

Online Traffic:

You are making mistake if you are investing on different social media to engage or pull online traffic to your website while you can do it for FREE if you start blogging.

Once the user is on your blog, he is now able to see other services and at this point that customer becomes potential. If the content is right and attractive s/he will subscribe to your blog to come back later.

Collect Potential clients data:

Once customer has subscribed to your blog you get the email address and other important data to send free promotional email.

Does it makes sense?

Sales Leads:

There are many types to generate sales leads, one of them is BLOGGING. You do not search for it but leads searches you in this way.


Businesses who does not know spend loads of dollars for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Trust me blogging is one of the easiest and chepeast way to do SEO for your online presence (Website).

Google works on keywords, if you put right keywords in the blog, the user will land on your blog and this way to your service/product website.

Save Marketing Expenses:

A good business is not that which generates profits but the good business is to maximize profits and minimize expenses.

Here is the list of expenses which can be saved if you start blogging right now;

    • SEO Expense
    • Expensive ads while you can post your ads on blog page.
    • Social Media Marketing (User share content on social media if your content is worth sharing)

Educate potential customer to make loyal one:

A good company is not which sells computers only but that which shares how to use it and take the most out of your product.


I sell smartphones. People buy it but people want to know;

    • how to use it?
    • Specs of the cellphone.
    • Details of the gadgets they get.
    • Comparison of previous phone with the latest one.
    • Price index.
    • ETC.

Viral (Share, Share and Share):

Mechanism of coming in trends is when something gets too many shares. Blog is sync with social media websites where you can directly share the blog anywhere you want.

If customers likes the content s/he will share.

Example: If you are true marketer and like my blog you will share it with your BOSS or close friends or may be people in the same field. If this continues this post may get viral.

How to make blog an effective tool to increase business?

One of the marketing guru Seth Goddin said that most of corporate blogs suck big time. Here is few best things to consider while blogging on corporate website or blog. Here is how to make blog an effective tool to increase business?

  • Never Sell in a written blog
  • Everyone like it fresh
  • Content is the king
  • Connect the dots

Never Sell in a written blog:

I would never buy a product of any company if they post the blog saying “benefits of the specific product” and at the end they say, buy it.

Rule number one for any organization is not to sell in the blog, yes you can post an ad on the side but never ask your user to buy this or that.

Ever wondered why people change channels when the advertisement plays?

Because they do not want to waste a single second on the speech they give in the ad. Marketing in the blog is okay but selling is not.

If your blogger or content writer is doing it, then you gotta change the blogger.

Everyone like it fresh:

Would you stay at stall of vegetable who is selling yesterdays vegetables or would you rather stay at the stall of the guy who is selling FRESH?

Obviously you would choose fresh, any stupid would go for yesterdays.

Same is the thing with your blog visitor, if the last post is 6 months ago, he would leave the website in the next second. Point is always keep your blog updated.

Updating blog daily is the best practice, if you cannot update daily then must do it thrice a week.

Is there anything you started but left because you could not maintain it? Starting a blog is very easy but updating it regularly is quite a task.

Keep Updating regularly.

Content is the king:

This is not only an idiom, this works in real world too. Content marketing is tough, tricky and mind game. Always keep the content according to keywords.

Original, updated and catchy content always helps you to pull visitor for maximum time. It is like if your showroom entrance is well maintained and decorated then you can show him whole showroom and do not let the visitor go empty handed.

Connect the dots:

Connect the dots in blog. Always write content which relates to your company goals and values. Best content marketing is that which is integrated with your marketing department.

Let Marketist help you recreate and rewrite Blog page which will be professional and SEO friendly. Our web: marketist.pk

Share to maximum people Importance of blogging for corporate world.

Written by Imran Nadir (Marketist)

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