Top 10 must have website features

Ever asked a question to yourself what are those top website features which help businesses grow online? Well we have listed the top 10 must have web features you should look out for on your website.

Please have a look and check, if you don’t have these website features please feel free to reach out to Marketist and we will surely assist you with our expertise of website design.

  • Responsiveness (Mobile Friendly)
  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Fast Website loading speed
  • Secure connection
  • Clear Call to action
  • Contact information
  • Social Media Integration:
  • SEO optimized
  • Analytics (know your website traffic)
  • Preferred to use CMS like WordPress

Responsiveness (Mobile Friendly):

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

You will be shocked to know that around 80% users access websites or search about businesses on their mobile devices, so your business website should be responsive on all devices including mobile and tabs.

What does responsiveness do?

Responsiveness is an ability of your website to adapt and display properly on different devices with different screen sizes. It includes desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile/smartphones.

It helps user to access your website as per the size of screen he has, so your website keeps changing design automatically as per the screen size.

User Friendly Navigation:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

Would you stay longer on a website where it is very hard to know about the services or products? No you will not.

You will prefer the website which shows you what you need or looking for, so your business website should be user friendly where your target customer could check everything about you with any confusion.

Your website should be easy to navigate with a clear menu structure that makes it easy for your website visitors to find the information they looking for.

Fast Website loading speed:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

Google says 60-70% website visitors leave your website if it takes more than 4-7 seconds and business may loose up to 40% of their business.

So your website should load fast, ideal time is 3 seconds or max you can go to 5 seconds.

What does slow website do?

Slow website leads to high bounce rates and loss of traffic which could be your potential customer.

Secure connection:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

Secure websites creates trust between the website and user, if the user data is compromised when user comes to your website, s/he will never trust your brand again.

Best way to secure a website is to have SSL certificate, which encrypts (secures) all data transmitted between the user’s browser and the web server.

Mostly hosting companies provide it FREE. If you need hosting with FREE SSL & Fast Speed Loading Servers, try NAXSOL.COM/

Clear Call to action:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

Call to action is the term used where you guide user to click here to take action.

Your website should have clear calls-to-actions, guiding users towards the desired action, such as;

  • Filling out a form
  • Making a purchase or
  • Subscribing to your newsletter.

Contact Information:

Contact information on web - website feature

Many websites do not update their contact information and they loose customer’s interest. Here is the list of contact information your website should have;

  • Active email address
  • Working phone number/mobile number
  • Business physical address with map

Right information means that you are available for your customer whenever s/he face any issue. Here is contact details of Marketist;

Mobile: +92 317 5777 442
Email: [email protected]

Social Media Integration:

Social Media Integration with web - website feature

Around 70=80% population uses social media, if you are not present where your audience is present then you will also loose business.

One you should be available on all social media platforms including the major ones (Click on each to follow Marketist on your favorite social media);

Your website should integrate with all of above with social media buttons, allowing users to easily follow you at their desired platform and share your content on their preferred social networks.

Hire Marketist for Social Media Marketing Services.

Search Engine Optimization:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

What if I tell you that people search your business on google but you are not available and your competitor is, will you believe me? You should.

Go to google and search about services you provide and see where your business website shows up, if it does not, your website need SEO optimization.

And who better than Marketist can handle this for you. We help businesses to rank on Google. Here is link to our SEO services.

Your website should be optimized for search engines with;

  • Relevant keywords
  • On Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Off page SEO, and
  • More optimization techniques.

Analytics (know your website traffic):

Analyze web trafic - website feature

Your business decisions are dependent on the data you have, analytics tools provide great set of data about the visitors who are coming to your website.

Your website should have analytics tracking installed, such as Google Analytics, to monitor traffic, user behavior, and other important metrics.

Let Marketist help you install the tool for data extraction.

Preferred to use CMS like WordPress:

website features - wordpress - must have web functionalities

If your business is new and small, WordPress is the CMS recommended as it is easy to use, secure and around 60% websites use WordPress.

It is easy to update and manage your website content without needing much technical knowledge.

Contact Marketist for web design services.

By incorporating the above 10 website features, you can create a user-friendly, secure, and engaging experience for your visitors to stay longer, engage more and return again in the future.

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