Social Media Marketing Strategy for small businesses!

Social Media Marketing Strategy is something, most of my clients ask in first meeting.

So I thought why not write detailed articled for all those who look it up on search engines.

This is going to be bit lengthy blog, please be with me and read it whole, I am sure it will add value to your business.

I have divided Social Media Marketing strategy in 11 steps;

  1. Set Goals
  2. Know about your audience
  3. Who are you competing with?
  4. Audit your digital presence.
  5. Make yourself available on all major platforms.
  6. Look out for inspiration
  7. Design your campaign (Short Term and Long Term)
  8. Test run your campaign
  9. Evaluate it on regular basis
  10. Keep improving campaigns
  11. Repeat all of the above.

So Let’s discuss all of the above steps in small details:

Set Goals:


This is important not only business but in personal life as well, this keeps you motivated to achieve what you plan for you or your business.

Set two goals:

  • Short Term: Usually for month or 2
  • Long Term: Usually for 6 months to one year.

Here are 3 goals which usually social media offers:

  • Get Likes
  • Increase reach
  • Grab Leads

All of the above goals have to go along, if your business is small and you are new on digital media, you have to set monthly budget for your marketing expenses on social media marketing.

First is to increase followers, then to reach out to maximum people and lastly to grab leads to grow business.

Likes and Followers tell others your brand authenticity.

Reach tells that brand knows what it is doing.

Leads grab potential clients.

So, you got to decide what you want to achieve in each campaign.

Know about your audience:

Mostly new businesses are sure that they know their customers and this is huge mistake they make, trust me you do not know your customer what s/he is doing on digital media.

You need to learn your customer organically and by running campaigns. Although social media like facebook tells the demographics but most of the times it is not accurate to target.

Example: If you are a pamper company and you say your target market is children. You are wrong because children here is not decision maker his/her mother or father are. Most of the time mothers buy and other times father.

So you got to know your customer and this you can be learnt by generating campaign of different kinds.

You can do this by following your competitor, give yourself sometime and read comments of customers on your competitors posts/videos.

Once you start getting to know your customer, your sales will boom like crazy.

Who are you competing with?

Very very important.

So here is this saying:

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others ~Otto Von Bismarck

Why do experiements when you can learn from your competitors many things, here is the list of things I try to grab from my competitor;

  • How it has improved from 1st post to today’s post.
  • Which strategy is working for it?
  • Why not go visit his customer’s profiles and what they are liking and following?
  • Time is important, when it posts on social media.
  • Which keywords it is using, what it is writing on website and every bit of things.

I know it is quite time taking but in longer run, it is worth it.

Audit your digital presence:

New term to you right? How can you audit your digital presence?

Don’t worry it is not that accounts audit in which you have to manage sheets and statements. It is simple audit in which you just analyze your activities on social media.


You posted post, picture, video, quote or blog. Which of them got most reach, reactions, shares. Audit is to analyze this and plan your next move to get maximum reach for FREE.

This is also known as organic planning.

Make yourself available on all major platforms:

Do not underestimate the power of any social media. You got to understand the value of every social media platform, here I am going to share who is available on which platform;

  • Whatsapp: Almost everyone but they are connected to their closed members.
  • Facebook: Facebook is one huge planet of people, where everyone is available but they follow what they like. It is platform to connect with common people in life. It is for connections.
  • Linkedin: Only for professionals, jobians, executive officers and businessmen. It is for jobs.
  • Instagram: It is for pictures.
  • Snapchat: Competitor of insta
  • Youtube and Tiktok: Video platform

So make yourself available on every platform, as you never know who searches for you when and where.

Look out for inspiration:

People learn from masters. Businesses owned by people.

So find someone who inspires you and follow accordingly, once you reach to that level then people will get inspired by you.

Do you know Elon Musk?

Obviously you do. He is an inspiration to 1000s of business owners. Everyone wants to be him, most businesses follow his strategies and getting good hit.

So find some inspiration for social media strategy and follow it.

Design your campaign (Short Term and Long Term):

You need to post everyday to get noticed by algos of social media websites.

You need to schedule your posts for atleast month which will be posted automatically at your scheduled time.

Long term goal is to achieve clients, so keep that campaign running.

Short term campaigns are done for small things happening around like a small event or workshop etc.

Test run your campaign:

When you manufacture product, then you test it whether it is working okay or not, same goes with campaigns you run on social media. You got to test these campaigns to check its results.

Evaluate it on regular basis

Evaluate your results.

Share with your team and come up with better plans. I suggest to evaluate them regularly like on daily basis, this way you can put pause or make changes.

Keep improving campaigns:

To get better results, change the campaigns.

Repeat all of the above:

So repeat these all of the time and with every campaign.


This is Imran signing off.

If you have any question related to social media marketing strategy, please comment below and I will make sure to answer everyone of you.

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